Media Buyer
I formulate communication strategies in digital, I squeeze the maximum out of each $ of the advertising budget
Facebook Media Buyer
All Right com is a global English language learning platform for children ages 4 and up.
  • Creating and running Facebook ads, Insta campaigns in more than 10 countries;
  • Analyzing statistics, working to improve the effectiveness of the campaigns;
  • Audience segmentation and selection of targeting;
  • Testing additional channels of traffic (TikTok);
  • Conducting experiments and searching for new approaches, targeting, funnels, creatives;
  • Conducting A/B testing of campaigns and comparing the results with purchase optimization and conversion rate optimization (ROAS);
  • Creation of automatic rules to improve the results;
  • Adaptation of the webpages for different markets on the Tilda platform;
09/2021 -
Paid Ads Account Strategist
online store of products for nail artists
  • Creation of a project plan and implementation of Facebook/Instagram communication strategy
  • Adapting ads to iOS-related restrictions14
  • Configuring contextual advertising Google Ads
  • Setting up contextual advertising Yandex Direct
  • Layout of emails to be sent to customers in Tilda
  • Mailing list
  • Creation of landing pages for presentations of company novelties
  • Budgeting for each channel of traffic in Ukraine and Russia
  • Working with Google Analytics in the context of the sources of orders, as well as their costs
  • Formation of ToR for designers and programmers
  • Formation of reports for the management on KPI
05/2020 - 09/2021
Digital Media Buyer
Sales of semi-trailers and trucks
  • Setting up targeted ads on Facebook
  • Setting up contextual advertising in Google AdWords (search ads, media, product ads)
  • SEO optimization
  • Placing ads for the sale of technology on the following topics
  • Placing products on, as well as customizing internal advertising Prosale
  • Creating a content plan, blogging on the site, as well as pages on Facebook
  • Setting tasks for designers, copywriters, as well as controlling their implementation
  • Designing printed products
  • Monitoring the date of the thematic exhibitions, as well as subsequent participation in them
  • Implementation of CRM system Bitrix24
What has not been realized:

  • External optimization of the website
  • Implementation of the content plan for the YouTube channel

Middle PPC-Specialist
Digital Agency
  • Planning the budget for the advertising campaign, taking into account seasonality
  • Selection of keywords for ad groups
  • Ad writing
  • Elaboration of minus words
  • Assigning tasks to designers, as well as monitoring their implementation
  • Monitoring of Google ad campaigns for over 8 projects
Digital Media Buyer
Online store of natural sweets
  • SEO optimization of the site. Collection of the semantic core using Yandex.Wordstat, KeywordPlanner, key-collector. Writing meta tags, setting up files robots.txt and sitemap.xml. Installing SSL certificate, the introduction of micro-page markup site, writing terms of reference for copywriters and programmers

  • Setting up an advertising campaign in Google AdWords. Compiling ads based on the semantic core, setting up ads rotation and rate adjustment, setting static and dynamic remarketing in KMS, setting goals in Google Analytics for tracking conversions

  • Setting up an advertising campaign on Facebook. Selection of the target audience for display ads, setting up retargeting for visitors to the site, as well as individual ads for customers who have already bought goods;

  • Maintaining a group on Facebook. Development of a content plan, adding products online store on Facebook, raising the most popular publications to increase audience reach, answering customer questions

  • Maintaining an Instagram page. Production of photo content and implementation in the content plan, selection of thematic and popular hashtags, search for opinion leaders and work with them, answering customer questions on Instagram

  • Implementing an automated sales funnel and customer service
Junior PPC-Specialist
Online store of leather bags
  • Basic SEO optimization
  • Selection of keywords for ad groups
  • Ad writing
  • Elaboration of minus words
Media Buyer Pro - Targetorium
Tilda School "PRO"
Facebook ads "BOOTCAMPП"
Online business lab
Courses SEO "Academy SEO"
Genius Marketing's Academy of Highly Paid Experts and Producers
A year of business coaching by Genius Marketing
Real Google Adwords
Google Analytics;
Google Data Studio;
Google KeywordPlanner;
Google Trends;
Google Adwords Editor;
Google Tag Manager;
Facebook Pixel Helper;
Opencart - CMS like Shopify;;
A few words about me
My profession is my hobby!

Therefore, it is the norm for me to attend continuing education courses and thematic events, and I get the most out of it.
Being organized and able to multitask also gives me the opportunity to play sports and play soccer in my free time.
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Igor Khaletskiy
Media Buyer
Phone: +38 063 584 07 16
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